Shilin Residence Park

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Shilin Residence Park
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Shilin Residence Park
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Shilin Residence ParkBest Itinerary

Taiwan Visit 11 days 13553.00台币 zkfan520 zkfan520

Taoyuan airport a terminal Taipei Train Station Yilan Railway Station Hualien Train Station Street justice 4-8 Seven Star Lake Scenic Area Whale World - Whale ( Hualien ) Taroko National Park Street justice 4-8 Hualien Train Station Fangliao Station National Museum of Marine Biology Taoyuan airport a terminal

自由行小分队第一次远足 10 days 4038.00人民币 小路盲小摩崖 小路盲小摩崖

Pudong Airport Airport Station ifc mall Airport Station Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Beauty Hotels Taipei - Star Beauty Resort Saphenous food and wine Ximending Shilin Night Market Eslite Bookstore Beauty Hotels Taipei - Star Beauty Resort Beauty Hotels Taipei - Star Beauty Resort Laiyang Cookies

Taiwan Taiwan 9 days boypc boypc

Capital International Airport CKS International Airport China road section Taipei Train Station Taiwan Hualien Railway Station Kumquat Inn Taiwan Hualien Railway Station Taroko Intertek Green water Swallow Changchun Temple Central

Taiwan trip 13 days 38699.00台币 项少龙龙 项少龙龙

Guangzhou Huaqiao Enterprises Ltd. Tsuen Wan Station Hong Kong International Airport Kaohsiung International Airport Sunbeam Road , No. 21 Liuhe Night Market Sunbeam Road , No. 21 West Bay MRT Station (Exit 1 ) Cihou Lighthouse Cijin Marine Park Gushan Ferry Station Former British Consulate Guangzhou East Railway Station

Taiwan 10 days iAndyLEE iAndyLEE

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Taipei Songshan Airport Bud cafe Beauty Hotels Taipei - Hotel B7 Monga Longshan Temple Red House Eslite Ximending Ningxia Night Market Ningxia Night Market Beauty Hotels Taipei - Hotel B7 Beauty Hotels Taipei - Hotel B7 Pudong International Airport Station

Jui 10 days 52xj 52xj

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Passenger Service Centre NiHao@Taipei Longshan Temple Ximending A case noodles (Ay-Chung Noodle) Nougat specialty beef noodles Church Xiangshan NiHao@Taipei MelangeCafe Milang Qi cafe Shilin Residence Park Onion Steakhouse - Scholastic Store Palace Museum ( entrance ) Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Passenger Service Centre

LOHAS Taiwan 's 2012 National 9 days 4400.00人民币 蓉绒球 蓉绒球

Taipei Taoyuan Airport Simon Orange homes Taipei City Hostel Zhongshan Hall fortress coffee Presidential Office in Taipei Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall TAIPEI 101 River Street Night Market Food Eslite Bookstore Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall National Taiwan University Huashan Cultural and Creative Industry Zhongshan Street underground bookstore Lungshan Temple

垦丁花莲自由行 6 days amanda5159 amanda5159

Taipei Taoyuan Airport HSR Taoyuan Station Zuoying High Speed ​​Rail Station Big Eagle's Nest Hotel Maobitou Park Baisha Bay Houbihu Big Eagle's Nest Hotel Sihjhongsi Spa Hengchun Eluanbi Park Kenting National Park Taipei Taoyuan Airport

台湾15天环岛 15 days 34130.00台币 ivy_zv ivy_zv

Taoyuan International Airport Terminal two MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station MRT station Danshui Old Street Fort parking lot Freshwater lover bridge MRT station Aletheia University ( Tamkang Middle School ) Ningxia Night Market MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station Minsheng East Road No. 156 National Palace Museum Taipei Main Station

湾湾自由行 16 days 5314.00人民币 Ivyxu Ivyxu

Taipei Taipei Main Station Hua Chunlin Hotel Danshui Old Street Taipei 101 landscape units Shida Night Market Hua Chunlin Hotel Hua Chunlin Hotel Shilin Residence Park National Palace Museum Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Taipei Train Station

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