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KaohsiungBest Itinerary

Taiwan Visit 11 days 13553.00台币 zkfan520 zkfan520

Taoyuan airport a terminal Taipei Train Station Yilan Railway Station Hualien Train Station Street justice 4-8 Seven Star Lake Scenic Area Whale World - Whale ( Hualien ) Taroko National Park Street justice 4-8 Hualien Train Station Fangliao Station National Museum of Marine Biology Taoyuan airport a terminal

Melody Mimi Taiwan wandering m 8 days 海椒米米 海椒米米

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in Taipei Taipei, Taiwan Railway Chengde section 38 Chang'an Road 145 Lane Ximending Ningxia Night Market Chang'an Road 145 Lane Taipei Train Station Houdongmaocun Taipei Train Station Danshui Old Street Fisherman's Wharf Taoyuan airport a terminal

Taiwan , and you meet the seve 7 days 11075.00台币 KennyFoong KennyFoong

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Taoyuan High Speed ​​Rail Station Kaohsiung High Speed ​​Rail Station Kenting Street kenting surf shop surf shop in Kenting Kenting Road 192 154 South Bay Road Kenting Youth Activity Center Huige sashimi Maobitou Park Ken DING Hai Baishawan play area , camping area Guan Shan Wufenpu clothing market

Taiwan Visit 10 days 寒梅0128 寒梅0128

Chongqing Jiangbei Airport Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport Taoyuan Airport Ximending Ningxia Night Market NiHao @ Taipei Miniatures Museum Fisherman's Wharf Shilin Night Market NiHao @ Taipei Taipei Train Station National Palace Museum Kaohsiung International Airport

Tainan / Kaohsiung / Kenting 7 days 11978.00台币 六一De胖小丁 六一De胖小丁

Kaohsiung International Airport 392 Bade Rd. Kaohsiung Railway Station Taiwan's Tainan City Railway Station ( South Station ) Castle Street Road No. 11, Shigeyoshi Rainbow Bazaar Ding Shan Night Market Zuoying High Speed ​​Rail Station Kenting Street No. 90 Kenting Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan Little Bay ( Kenting ) [ Taiwan good line ] 392 Bade Rd.

高雄 2 days 灬米拉じ★ve 灬米拉じ★ve

City Riverside Elementary School Formosa [ high off ] Kaohsiung Chiang Kai-shek Cultural Center Yancheng District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan Love Pier Pier-2 Art [ Culture Bus ] Gushan District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Lin Sun Yat- sea West Bay Gushan District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan lotus sea British Consulate at Takao Dream Mall Kaixuan four former township in Kaohsiung, Taiwan City Riverside Elementary School Taiwan's Kaohsiung City Ruifeng Night Market

Bay tour 9 days 3653.00人民币 _____暱 _____暱

Taoyuan airport a terminal Chaoma station Tun Nan Road , Sec son Lane Feng Chia Night Market Miyahara Eye Tun Nan Road , Sec son Lane Taichung Railway Station Carton King Creativity Park Miyahara Eye Hongrui Zhen sandwich Tainan Railway Station Hepingjie 101 Taipei Songshan Airport

Y&S TW VIAJE DE AMOR 9 days yann0221 yann0221

Kaohsiung Airport MRT Kaohsiung International Airport Station MRT over three district stations 85 Building MRT over three district stations West Bay MRT station West Bay Former British Consulate West Bay MRT station Triumph MRT station Dream Mall Triumph MRT station Taipei Taoyuan Airport

台北 7 days Sadipose Sadipose

Beijing Capital International Airport Taoyuan International Airport Terminal two Via Hotel Red House Theater Ximending Ningxia Night Market Shilin Night Market Via Hotel Via Hotel National Palace Museum Forty-four simple Village Market Taipei 101 Beijing Capital International Airport

宝岛台湾 11 days 变双的左眼皮 变双的左眼皮

Incheon Airport Hotel Taoyuan International Airport Terminal two Taipei Main Station ECFA Hotel ECFA HOTEL Ximending ECFA Hotel ECFA HOTEL National Palace Museum Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall 101 International Shopping Center Jaoho Night Market ECFA Hotel ECFA HOTEL Taoyuan International Airport Terminal two

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